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An important part of healing and health is nutrition -

It is amazing what difference just little adjustments can do to help ease chronic diseases and many other health problems.

I have my diploma in Macrobiotics and extensive experience with the Raw Food diet.

A healthy nutrition does not have to be complicated and tastes great! Here are some easy to follow guidelines:

Avoid any processed foods and concentrate on whole fruits an veggies!

Eat a high raw or fully raw diet -

- anything from 60-70% raw is great! 80% is awesome! 100% yay if you make it!

Let your body be your guidance -

once you are on pure foods you will be able to hear much better what your body has to say, clearer messages will come, and it will become much more easier to do the right thing for yourself!

It is easy and simple, and getting all your minerals and vitamins from whole, fresh food is the most natural thing you can do for your body -

My health is great and I am thriving and vibrant at 48!

Concentrate on sweet fruits to get your main calories and carbs throughout the day! Fruit comes in a beautifully designed package and is made to nurture us on a whole level!

Around 80% of your daily calorie intake should come from sweet fruits, satisfying, filling, wholesome nutrition = carbs -

The rest is divided between equal amounts of proteins and fats -

= Acid and subacid fruits, greens, and small amounts of nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Even tomatoes contain about 9%-10% fat! Every fruit, every vegetable contains fat, we don't need to add any fat to our diet in order to get what our body needs, especially we don't need pure, refined oils, or oils that have been processed in any way!

Eat pure, eat simple, appreciate each bite, and it becomes a deep spiritual experience, nurturing you on any level -


One of the most extensive studies on nutrition ever done, The China Study. If you are interested in nutrition and health and want to read one book, this is the one I truly recommend!

Portobello supper

Lots of greens

(bok choy, broccoli, collards, Chinese cabbage, kale, mustard greens, and okra) contain perfect amounts of calcium and so do many nuts and seeds with sesame leading the field, not to forget sea vegetables. There is lots of protein and calcium in the legume family also!

No need to load up on dairy products or meat for calcium or protein!

Did you know that human breast milk only contains 6% protein!?

That is more than enough to let babies not only double and triple in size but thrive!

Fruit contains between 5%-8% of protein, the ideal amount for human beings, and perfectly designed for us! Easy to digest, immediate results!

High intake of protein, especially animal protein, is responsible for kidney failure and puts stress on all organs!

Pure and simple plant food offers the ideal nutrition for our body -

it creates a healthy environment and nurtures the earth!

- and it does not harm any other being -


Be part of a positive change - for yourself, and for everyone on this planet -


Health and vibrancy for you and all living beings through fruits and vegetables!


Drink plenty of water, get your majority of calories from sweet and calorie rich fruits, and enjoy nurturing greens -

Limit your intake of nuts and seeds -

Avoid oils and salt, your body will thrive like never before!

Experience perfect bliss and harmony of body, mind, and spirit!


Some more great info for you from Douglas Graham and Anne Osborne, two wonderful inspiring people: Enjoy :)


May you be blessed on your way with Divine love and wisdom.



Zucchini pasta